Hudson River Capital Partners ("HRCP") is a small-cap, private investment firm focused on healthcare businesses, both services and products, headquartered in Westchester County, NY.  HRCP, through its investing arm, Hudriv Investments LLC, was formed by James Foy and Clay Lifflander to invest in companies which add value to the health care system and have the potential to be financially successful.


Hudson River Capital Partners and its predecessors have invested over $900M in 16 healthcare, life sciences and technology companies. The firm’s capital is proprietary and decision making is swift.  We are interested in both lead angel investments for start-ups/young companies and minority or control positions in established operating companies that have the potential for growth.  HRCP will focus on companies east of the Mississippi River and make investments between $500K and $5M.  Brokers are protected.

In 2013, we invested in InquisitHealth, a web enabled, HIPAA compliant, telephony based peer-to-peer mentoring system for disease management, particularly focused on diabetes.  In 2014, we made our most recent investment in an emerging life sciences IT company called Stirplate, which is developing a streamlined web portal for research scientists to seamlessly collaborate and accelerate the statistical analysis and presentation of data intensive research studies.

Hudson River Capital Partners